Academic Work

These are some of the papers that I wrote during my social science studies -- the main topics are memes, slums, sex, religion, architecture, and systems theory.

Dietrich, Ellensohn, Haider, Mayer (2018): Please, tell me more. Wie wir mittels Memes Kommunizieren und Interagieren
[08-2018 / German / 10 pages]

Dietrich (2018): Slum as System. An Empirical Examination of the Sociological Phenomenon of Slum Settlements in Indian Megacities on the Conceptual Basis of the Systems Theory
[02-2018 / English / 43 pages]

Dietrich (2018): Religion kontrolliert(e) Sex. Warum Glaubenssysteme auf sexueller Kontrolle basiert haben
[01-2018 / German / 6 pages]

Dietrich (2017): Das Architektursystem. Eine Annäherung
[07-2017 / German / 15 pages]