Romance Example - A Leap so Wide

The following texts are an example for a dialog and monolog in a romance setting. It starts with a human-written prompt about a woman that navigates an inner conflict while talking to her lover.

MQL created three suggestions based on this text. The suggestions are shown in their original, unedited form below and are accompanied with a short evaluation.

Human-Written Prompt

“Elma”, I whisper. Her curly locks lie around her ears like a victorious athletes’ adornment. Why does it always have to be this hard? A bird can love a bird, yet love is denied to me – or is it? She smiles; a wonderful expression, a reaction of muscle string, a leap over a trench so wide. My heart contracts and plunges down.

“Sonja”, I hear her say. “Why don’t you come over here? The mattress is warm, and wants to caress your buttocks.” She giggles, and looks to the side. “Can’t say I wouldn’t like that too.” I realize that I am drawing near, giving up my stance, becoming like water. Our hands meet and my fear goes away; our lips kiss, and I know.

MQL Suggestion 1

That's it. Well, that's what we will. We will have a talk, like the day when I was a young man. “She is too young to stand for the moment, and I wish he would not stand before.”

“Sonja, you are about to leave. Come with me.” It is not a coincidence that Elma was so anxious to see me.

“I am the reason.” She leaves, and I don't dare say goodbye.

“Elma”, I see you going home. “I never get to see you again, but I have a dream right here in the small room. I think it is worth trying.”

MQL Suggestion 2

“Sonja”, I turn toward thee and take my hand. I hold it for her, but I stop my hand and let it be. I hold on to her side; I feel her tender, soft skin beneath. I feel a warmth in my own, and in the way she wraps my arm around itself.

“Catherine”, I hold back a gasp. She is right, I tell myself, not to think about this. But I am afraid. I don't let her, because I can't, and I could make myself ill. She is like the only thing left, and I think I might die a thousand ways from this.

“Eryn”, I do not hold back a whimper. “Eryn”, I say, as my hand slides across hers, and she closes her eyes. Erylyn sits against me. I hold the breastplate in my grip, as she stares at me with the tender, bright, beautiful eyes at her. I know that my heart is being dragged along here, my heart feels like mine, and I do not let myself get trapped in this place; I let myself be, and my heart is falling from my frame, into a body filled with pain; with the pain of the loss of my loved one, I have fallen so much, and I hold my hand.

MQL Suggestion 3

And no one can escape my embrace; no one can escape my touch. No one is free. I cannot let go. I can't bear to let go. I am my daughter, my son, my friend – I am my girl; I am my goddess. A voice, which is hard to see in this state, speaks of an angel: We needn't say so.

“Sonja”, I whisper, and I understand it. It's only a part in the song of the story, to play the part of the angel. In the world of the angel, the woman who is being watched must, without any hesitation, become the angel herself, to make the whole thing complete.

It all sounds almost prophetic, but it's all that happens after that to me. My daughter and mother come into view. She is standing there looking at me – no, staring, but only looking. A strange woman's eyes close and she takes her hand. We turn and talk, whispering, but there is no sound and I feel pain. As if I'm in a strange state. I feel a sharp pain in my abdomen. I scream, and my heart is pounding at my throat. But she is silent.

“No, no. No, what is happening. Don’t, tell me again. I was the one who created the pain. It cannot happen again.”

Recap of Romance Text Generation

MQL’s model does a good job capturing the romance context. The suggestions mix dialog with inner monolog similar to the prompt. They read fluidly and moving, but often struggle with conveying who is experiencing which emotions. The third suggestion is strong and can be kept as-is for the most part. The first and second suggestion need thoughtful editing.

When working with MQL on a romance story, your job as editor and writer could be to make dialogs and monologs very clear. For example, many of the intense outbursts of feeling in the suggestions could be rearranged and edited in a way to make it plain who is speaking at all times.

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