Sci-Fi Example - The Threat

The following texts are an example for a speech in a sci-fi setting. It starts with a human-written prompt describing a politician that talks to a crowd about an alien threat.

MQL created three suggestions based on this text. The suggestions are shown in their original, unedited form below and are accompanied with a short evaluation.

Human-Written Prompt

In the audience hall, the delegates and envoys of the 3 interplanetary chambers are gossiping. Their heavy togas rustle like dry leaves in the cold wind of the air purifiers. The 22nd senator enters the stage. Her double chin goes left and right as she takes in the audience. The senator puts her hands on the podium, breathes in, and starts her speech.

“Dear senators, ministers, and envoys: as you know we congregated due to an urgent matter. There have been multiple sightings of unknown vessels in the asteroid belt near Hildas. You say, these sightings can be explained easily – they are miners, squatters, drug lords, or slavers? I say you are wrong. We are at the brink of war with an unknown intelligence, an antagonistic life form.”

MQL Suggestion 1

“Good God, we cannot be true believers. We do not know exactly where their vessel is or where it has come from. Is it somewhere in the asteroid belt, but it might be something else or the other way around. This is a major concern for humanity. And our future is in crisis - because if we don't address it now then we will never be able to stop it. There is absolutely no one we can count on here. We have to work together.”

“We know that we have a role to play within our own galaxy, and that it will continue to evolve in an interconnected manner. It is a powerful mission. It has a great deal of potential in the context of an interplanetary war game. And we can do it. The best way to prepare for war and preserve our galaxy is to understand the importance of mutual respect. It is important to understand that cooperation is one of the four pillars of our relationship to the universe and to the whole of life. If you don't agree, then I offer a very personal response.“

“Because if we cannot act together, or even if we cannot make meaningful progress for the rest of us who do, then we cannot succeed in our mission. So we will never meet that critical deadline."

MQL Suggestion 2

“If one could only take one sentence out of the record, I would have said: this time, they have not been a threat to us in any other way. There has been, in fact, one of the vessels – a massive, dark, unbuilt craft, that is. The crew is not a threat, just a matter of time, however they were being brought into the orbit around the planet at the beginning and end of the year. The vessel was launched in the very beginning, but the crew had been trained to launch from Earth and were ready to travel to another planet during the mission. They had learned to launch from space, and the crew knew that a craft would take its time to reach new dimensions within the solar system, and then make a short trip back to Earth. They were able to successfully travel to another star, with an extremely small number of spacecraft.”

“The first question asked is whether it was possible for these explorers to build and fly large-scale, transhuman vehicles. The answer is no. What could they build? At least in theory, this isn't something that needs to be studied by an engineering prof. The crew of the craft was made to fly. It is impossible to take full advantage of all the elements of life on earth, because in all of the spacecraft, any type of life was found to exist. This is the reason we have such a long-standing understanding of the ‘science of travel’.”

MQL Suggestion 3

“I am speaking in order to show you an approach that would solve this problem in a practical way. There are two types of aliens in the asteroid belt, one species has been known to have used an underground base to hide themselves and the other alien, a more sophisticated version of us has been known to have hidden in space for thousands of years.”

As the delegates prepare to leave the podium, one former diplomat arrives. He says the aliens' leader, the god of science, is a genius and an inventor. The latter has seen fit to present his credentials, suggesting that the UFO experts have an interest in the aliens, but do not know to what extent that interest is true.

“For those of you who need to know, we now know that the UFO researchers have a very strong interest in humans – our brains and brain and everything else. We have even shown signs of aliens, so to speak. If I were asked to name three possible UFO species, I'd say they are: a) the very first or very first kind, b) a large-bodied UFO, c) an alien who has lived for a thousand years, etc. These are pretty amazing stories. We even have our own unique story, one of this time being that of the two human species who had come to earth in the early days of this world.”

Recap of Sci-Fi Text Generation

In general, MQL’s model does a good job capturing the sci-fi context. Some of the suggestions show more promise than others, but all introduce new concepts and ideas. The first suggestion can be left almost unchanged. In contrast, the second and third suggestion need more editing.

When working with MQL on a sci-fi story, your job as editor and writer could be to add more specifics to your universe. For example, the suggestions could be improved by adding more references to technology, giving detailed alien descriptions, and looking more into the social customs of the gathered politicians.

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