Example Texts created with MQL

MQL gives you different suggestions depending on the text you write. Each texts start with a headline and a human-written prompt.

In response, MQL writes three suggestions on how the text can be continued. These suggestions are automatically generated and sometimes have small inconsistencies.

Find out what you can expect when using MQL by taking a look at the example texts below!


Example #1 - Science Fiction

The first example is titled "The Threat" and consists of a speech in a sci-fi setting. A politician addresses a crowd and talks about an alien threat.

Read "The Threat"


Example #2 - Romance

The second example is titled "A Leap so Wide" and consists of a dialog in a romance setting. A woman talks with her lover and navigates an inner conflict.

Read "A Leap so Wide"


Example #3 - Action

The third example is titled "Fight for Honor" and consists of an action-packed story in a medieval setting. A knight rides into battle and encounters various challenges.

Read "Fight for Honor"

What's next?

The example texts above show what you can expect when you use the general MQL model. This model does a good job in most cases, but can sometimes lack specific vocabulary or focus.

In the next release we want to give you the option to train your own models, based on your own texts! For example, you will be able to build a detective story model based on books of your choice. A good idea might be to use books by Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, and Ian Rankin, but you will have complete freedom to experiment with any mix that you want!

This specific training will make the model very good at stories in any specific style. If you have a lot of text written by yourself, you can even train a model on your own writing - and create a digital clone that writes similar to you!

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