Hi, I'm Fabian Dietrich

I'm passionate about algorithmic art, web development, alien evolution, and entrepreneurship. Right now, I'm working on my graphic design project "Modular Monsters", in which I generate random monster images with a self-written software program based on a catalog of digital body parts.

Before that, I worked as a programmer in Vienna, and as an architect in Los Angeles. I also founded (and closed down) two internet startups: Frobocode, an HTML+CSS course in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure book, and MechanicalQuill, an AI-powered web editor that helps people with writer's block. I'm a former Fulbright scholar with a Masters in architecture from University of Southern California in Los Angeles. I also have a sociology degree from University of Vienna.

This website contains my coding blog, as well as other projects in art, architecture, photography, creative writing, sound, and film. I'm always happy to start a conversation, get to know you, and share ideas!

Connect with me on Linkedin, or send me an email to fd (at) fabiandietrich (dot) com